Radio Live Panel: 22 May 2016

Listen toradio live my Radio Live panel with  Melissa Davies and Trish Sherson.

Prime Minister, John Key, and Finance Minister, Bill English, seem to be at odds over whether we will have a tax cut or if it is best to pay down government debt. We talk about recent revelations that the Ministry of Primary Industries has been complicit in illegal dumping of fish caught over the quota and by-catch as well as activism on the subject.

We discuss the surprising – at least to me – controversy over a young woman’s recent decision to have tubal ligation and the gender double standards that it brings to the surface. Twitter is struggling to grow. Will allowing more characters help or is the problem to do with the ‘dark side’ of the platform?

‘T’ plates for tourist drivers: would they make a difference?


About Vernon Tava

Barrister. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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