VT_2019This is my personal website on which I share my thoughts on things legal, political and social.

I am a barrister in Auckland, New Zealand, practising exclusively as a criminal defence lawyer.

I hold a Master of Laws degree (LL.M) with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland where I was awarded the 2010 Fowlds Memorial Prize for Most Distinguished Masters Student in Law.

From 2016-2019 I worked as a business broker with Divest Business Sales.

From 2011 to 2019 I regularly appeared as a commentator on politics and current affairs on Radio Live/Magic Talk, The AM Show on Newshub and Newstalk ZB.

I was an elected member of the Waitematā Local Board of Auckland Council between 2013 and 2019. I am certified as a Resource Management Act Independent Commissioner.

I was a Research Fellow at the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law from 2009 to 2011 working closely with Professor Klaus Bosselmann, including co-editing ‘Water Rights and Sustainability’, volume 3 of the NZCEL monograph series.

In 2014, I taught at the University of Auckland as a Professional Teaching Fellow at the Department of Planning, National Institute for Creative Arts and Industry (NICAI), and from 2011-2013 as a tutor in Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Law in the general streams as well as the Māori and Pasifika programes.

10 Responses to About

  1. kevin clancy says:

    I am a staunch nat supporter and am very worried about climate change – the greens seem to care only about solo mothers and bashing farmers. GO BLUE_GREEN

  2. Hans van der Wal says:

    Great to hear about your proposed party. There is a real need for a party that is just green, as opposed to the current “greens”, who are more like a watermelon- a thin green skin but entirely red on the inside.

  3. Christina Grundling says:

    I want to become a member of your party. Please provide me with the link.

  4. Lionel Kemp says:

    Vernon. Probably preaching to the choir but… earth issues…a simple start. Encourage a glass manufacturer, to replace plastic bottles, jars etc. legislate for recycling of glass, deposit/ bounty. Stop plastic going into the ground, if it can’t be recycled, 1. Look to replace with glass, or plastic that can be. 2. Incinerate it, generated power… would be a good start.

  5. Yvonne MacLeod says:

    Good on you Vernon, got my vote already. The current Green Party is pulling NZ down, knee jerk policies with no thought to consequences. The leaders aren’t leading, it seems Julie Anne Genter and Chlöe Swarbrick are leading the party. No one who advocates publicly for the “C” word to be used should even be in parliament. A change in government is needed before the current one wrecks this country. Major cuts in unnecessary spending should be a priority, other public servants have to abide by the Financial Act, i.e. don’t waste public money. Too many politicians push their own agenda rather than the wishes of the people they represent. Maybe aspiring politicians should undergo psychometric testing prior to being on lists. Good luck with forming your party.

  6. Hi Vernon.
    I am writing a piece at University about your party. It will be so great to Skype you and ask a few questions regarding your campaign! Could you please reply to let us know if you’re interested in getting involved.
    Please contact at: zo17aaf@herts.ac.uk

  7. Frank pepers says:

    Hi Vernon
    If you want to be serious about the environment you need to have a point of difference from the current crop of DOC forest and bird and the hapless greens.
    They all think poison is the answer to our mammalian pests. It isnt working and the main culprit is DOC and the 1080 industry. These largely office bound beauracrats need to go work where I do most days in the feild. Poisoning kea and kaka is not on. Doc have poisoned 250 (OIA) KEA that have been found
    Number could be way higher.
    Good luck with your dream but the hunting and bushworker fraternity wont vote for any continuation of the DOC madness Im 64 years old have worked outdoors most of my life still killing possums
    Cheers Frank Pepers
    Pest control contractor

  8. jef says:

    hi vernon
    why is this country so short sighted when it comes to dairying, we are almost entirely a grass fed system which lends itself well to organic dairying , ive seen the real success of organic dairy farming and the export dollars are there for anything organic , personally i wouldnt pay extra for organic as i dont believe in it but there are millions of global customers that do believe in organic milk products and they will pay a premium . organic farms have lower stock rates which mean little or no fertilizer is needed and so many other enviromental benefits , i dont believe that helping the enviroment and making money are enemies in this case (they are in some cases , im actually very anti greens) ive visited almost every dairy farm in the greater waikato an the organic ones are a real pleasure to visit , the cows also look in better condition and happier if want for a better word , i really dislike the green party and green politics but in this case i think its a triple win for everyone , can you do the maths and tell me if im wrong ? do you think we can be an organic global leader ? why would we compete with the rest of the world to make the cheapest milk ?
    i think the answer is staring us right in the face but the corporates seem to lack vision .
    additionally we should be producing finished products not just commodities

    cheers jef

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