My Commentary on NZME Herald Focus: 2017 General Election

nzme-logo-1In the lead-up to the 2017 General Election I was a commentator on the Herald Focus video segments. This culminated in being on the live panel for NZME’s election night coverage with Fran O’Sullivan and Jennifer Curtin, hosted by Heather du Plessis Allan. I thought it would be worth putting all these posts in one place.

The Herald’s media writer, John Drinnan, said of the 1 August segment, ‘Has Jacinda got what it takes?’ [if you were only going to watch one of the links below, I’d recommend that one]:

I don’t normally give plugs to presenters, but Tava and Curtin are impressive. Herald Focus presenter Tristram Clayton confirms that they have been signed for election coverage, among other things.

In my opinion, their performance after the Labour leadership change suggests the pair should play a central role, avoiding a widespread trend towards partisan commentary.

Curtin is an associate professor of politics at Auckland University and has frequently appeared on TVNZ’s Sunday morning politics show Q+A. Tava is a businessman and former candidate for the Greens’ co-leadership. He has been a political commentator for Paul Henry and on RadioLive. More please, Herald Focus.

19 July 2017: Election survey surprise

1 August 2017: Has Jacinda Arden got what it takes?

4 August 2017: No Minister Turei

10 August 2017: What now for imploding Greens and soaring Jacinda?

18 August 2017: Greens, National in trouble

25 August 2017: A week in politics with Fran O’Sullivan [and me]

1 September 2017: How Jacinda overtook the PM [First Leader’s Debate]

5 September 2017: Who topped the Bill & Jacinda debate? [Second Leader’s Debate]

8 September 2017: English struggles in face of fiery Ardern [Third Leader’s Debate]

25 October 2017: Ardern’s cabinet surprises

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