Notable Trees in the Waitematā Local Board Area

I have mapped the Auckland Unitary Plan Notable Trees (Schedule 10) in the Waitematā Local Board area. Scheduling offers a high degree of protection and I ask for publicly notified resource consent hearings as a matter of course when removal of the tree is requested.

Apart from these specifically protected trees, trees are also protected within reserves, any area subject to a conservation management plan or conservation management strategy, and trees within a Significant Ecological Area (SEA).

Trees in streets, parks and the Hauraki Gulf Islands will remain protected because they don’t meet the Resource Management Act’s definition of ‘urban environment’.

Council holds a wealth of information about our historic, natural and cultural heritage but it isn’t always in a form that is readily accessible. It is hugely important that we protect our significant trees and I am dedicated to sharing them with as many people as possible, so I created this map as a way to visualise them. Google Maps is an ideal tool as anyone can load it on their phone or tablet and can take their own walking tour with just their device as their guide.

More detailed information for each site appears when you tap or click on the marker. Some of the markers cover multiple trees on a site.

You can nominate a tree to Council to be evaluated for scheduling as a notable tree.

If you tap in the top right corner to ‘expand’, the map will open in Google Maps in a separate page.

About Vernon Tava

Barrister. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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