Radio Live Panel: 8 March 2015

Radio_Live_logo.svgListen to my Sunday morning Radio Live panel with Mark Sainsbury and Deborah Coddington.

The first nine minutes of this panel are a (very generous on the part of Mark) opportunity for me to talk about my announcement that I will be standing for Male Co-Leader of the Green Party.

We talk about Winston Peters in the Northland by-election. Deborah and I predict he will win (which he in fact did by a 4,441 majority managing a more than 13,000 vote swing).

Nicky Hager revealed in the week preceding that NZ is carrying out ‘full take’ surveillance as part of the Five Eyes network on our Pacific neighbours and allies. Is it justified when we consider the threats of international terrorism such as ISIS?

We consider the death penalty with regard to the ‘Bali 9‘ and whether the death penalty is ever justified. At the same time, do we have the right to judge the criminal systems of other countries? Indonesia is an easy target for criticism but how are they different from the United States? On the topic of unsafe convictions, Teina Pora’s conviction has been quashed by the Privy Council; is he equipped to deal with his celebrity as a free man?

About Vernon Tava

Barrister. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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