Radio Live Panel: 15 February 2015

Radio_Live_logo.svgListen here to my Radio Live panel with Deborah Coddington and Mark Sainsbury. Satisfied that I am now a regular TV watcher, Mark makes enquiries as to why I would go to a Greens policy conference rather than watch the cricket with my girlfriend in Christchurch on Valentine’s Day.

We talk about the unpopular request from Sky City for $180 million in additional funding to pay for the International Convention Centre and the signals from the Prime Minister that this may come from the taxpayer (later that afternoon it would be announced that the request for taxpayer funds would be withdrawn). Should we go into Iraq to fight ISIS? The discussion then turns to Hendrix Huawai’s sentencing for 4 years, 9 months for punching good samaritan, Lucy Knight, causing a brain injury. Much was made of his mother failing to appear at the sentencing and we discuss to what extent she is to blame (I ask whether that’s a useful question at all).

We have a quick chat about the sentencing to one year of prison of Cho Hyun-ah, the Korean Airlines executive, whose infamous ‘nut rage’ delayed a commercial flight. Will Winston Peters run in the Northland by-election? I suggest that it’s more than just a bit of fun for Winston, it is an opportunity to take away National’s one-vote majority on RMA reforms.

You can check out past appearances here.

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Barrister. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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