Paul Henry Show Panels

Paul Henry Panels in 2015


23 November 2015 with Michelle Boag: We discuss Phil Goff’s announcement that he is standing for the mayoralty of Auckland and scan the distant horizon for any genuine competitors.

22 October 2015 with Heather du Plessis-Allan: We discuss Heather’s exploitation of a legal loophole to purchase a rifle and the prosecution that may result. What would my legal advice be for Chris Cairns? We discuss Annette King’s confirmation as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party over Jacinda Ardern and the State of the Environment Report.

28 September 2015 with Sarah Hall: Drones: after a recent near-miss with a commercial jet, should operators be licenced? Should Child, Youth and Family be encouraging sterilisation? Education and contraception? Paul coins a ‘Mr Snippy’ franchise. Quick thoughts on the Rugby World Cup and the ‘Pool of Death‘.

27 August 2015 with Willie Jackson: The Rugby World Cup liquor licensing law change. Child Youth and Family reform. Stephen Hawkings’ new theory on black holes.

12 August 2015 with Janet Wilson: The law change to extend liquor licensing hours for the Rugby World Cup and warnings of an economic downturn.

28 July 2015 with Delaney Mes: A state solely for refugees? We talk about the suggestion for a 21st century Liberia (remember how well that worked out?) and drug mules duped into smuggling drugs by online paramours.

16 July 2015 with Mary Lambie: Auckland Council rates rises, Len Brown parking an electric car in a cycle lane, and whether police should  be able to carry tasers on duty.

30 June 2015 with Melodie Robinson: Men wearing make-up, libertarianism and whether it’s tenable in the real world, and scalping tickets at exorbitant prices.

24 June 2015 with Ella Henry: The Kumar verdict, Colin Craig’s rapidly vanishing credibility, rumours that Auckland Councillors may abstain from voting on the LTP budget and … when skinny jeans go bad.

11 June 2015 with Louise Wallace: We talk about live animal exports, the future of NZ Post, and the strange case of the English man imprisoned for his refusal to wear clothes.

Paul Henry Show Panels in 2014

204_1paul_henry_110 October 2014 with Trish Sherson: We talk about the forced sale of Penny Bright’s home for non-payment of rates over 7 and 1/2 years; Hone Harawira’s judicial recount; Andrew Little’s part in the Labour leadership race; and Ebola, should we be worried?

22 September 2014 with Trish Sherson: On the results of the 2014 General Election and what the Left needs to do to rebuild.

1 August 2014 with Trish Sherson: Colin Craig, shut out by John Key, challenges Winston Peters; Trish is not happy with Paul’s comments about Taumaranui; Conviction of John Banks, is it worth appealing?; Are the Commonwealth Games “a bit shit”?

6 June 2014 with Alison Mau: Oracle skipper, Jimmy Spithill, throws down the gauntlet to Team New Zealand, should the Government fund the challenge?; Guilty verdict against John Banks for false electoral declaration.

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