December 2018-March 2019 Local Board Report

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This report covers my Waitematā Local Board Activities in mid-November 2018 to mid-March 2019 as Lead of the Planning and Heritage portfolio; co-holder of the Transport portfolio; Local Board representative on the Parnell Business Association; and member of the Auckland Domain Committee.

 Executive Summary

  • I have worked with representatives of the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Auckland to have bollards re-installed in Saint Patrick’s Square to prevent vehicles driving around the side of the Cathedral. The plan was approved in October 2018 and funding voted in February 2019
  • I have been seeking the removal of the large concrete blocks obstructing the footpath outside 92 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn
  • I keep track of resource consent applications as they are received by Council, requesting further information, plans and Assessments of Environmental Effects for applications of interest. Significant applications are referred to the relevant residents’ associations for their input which I then relay to planners as part of the Local Board’s input. Reporting of resource consent applications, planning portfolio input, hearings and decisions in the Local Board area for this month is detailed in the Heritage, Urban Design and Planning section of this report under the headings ‘Planning’: ‘Resource Consents’

Portfolio Report: Transport

Saint Patrick’s Square Bollards Re-Installation

I moved a Notice of Motion at the 16 October 2018 business meeting of the Local Board to support in principle the re-installation of bollards at the north-east and north-west ends of Saint Patrick’s Square as per the request of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Diocese of Auckland and request from Auckland Transport a rough order of costs. This was supported unanimously by the board: carried as resolution WTM/2018/153. Liaison was carried out with Auckland Council Design Office and AT Design office to determine the type of bollard recommended. Liaison was also done with Traffic Engineering around and statutory requirements in installing bollards across a roadway. Their view was that it was permitted. The unanimous view was that the bollards should match the others already in the square and surrounds which is a black granite bollard in keeping with the quality surroundings. It was also considered prudent to install at least one removable bollard in each set to allow traffic movement if required. These will be bead blasted stainless steel. The rough order of costs to install 10 black granite bollards and two removable stainless ones is $41,000. These costs include all the contractors costs including traffic management and a small contingency sum of $4,000. The Local Board voted the funding for the bollards to be installed at the 19 February 2019 business meeting: resolution WTM/2019/10(c).

Portfolio Report: Heritage and Planning

Portfolio Responsibilities

Heritage, Urban Design and Planning covers a mix of regulatory and non-regulatory activities including city planning and growth, heritage protection, urban design requirements, Local Board resource consent application input, and bylaw development, including advocacy to achieve local priorities relating to heritage preservation, good urban design and spatial planning. Regulatory and policy oversight of local liquor licensing, signs & billboards, and brothels.

Retaining Wall at 92 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn

For about the last five years the footpath outside 92 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, has been obstructed by large concrete blocks that were placed by Council as an emergency measure to prevent the collapse of the retaining wall. As well as obstructing the path the blocks are hollow and open at the top allowing them to be used as trash receptacles; I am told by locals that it has also become a nest for rats. As is so often the case, the temporary measure has become permanent and there has been no action on the part of Council or the owner of the property to repair the wall (which is the responsibility of the private landowner) and remove the blocks. I first took the matter up in early 2017 and in the last two years there has been at least one complete rotation of the staff dealing with it. I am determined that some resolution to this matter will be reached before the end of my term in September of this year.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 12.41.10 AM

The concrete blocks holding the retaining wall in place at 92 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn

Resource Consents

The portfolio request information on resource consent applications of interest as a matter of course. The Local Board can have input into the decision on public notification of a resource consent application and can also comment on the substantive matters of the application. The input of the Local Board is not binding on the commissioner or hearings panel making the decision but we are able to appear at notified hearings to speak on behalf of the Local Board. This is not treated as a submission for the purposes of the Resource Management Act but it is given weight by a hearings panel or commissioner according to the merit of the arguments made.

  • 97 Jervois Road, Herne Bay. LUC60329212. Refurbishment of the site and external facilities at the Shangri-La Apartment building.
  • 47 – 49 The Strand, Parnell. LUC60328926. The proposal comprises of refurbishing an existing building of about 300m² GFA to accommodate an Ideal Electrical trade retail and warehouse operation. The existing vehicle access and parking arrangement will be retained. Parking is provided for two covered spaces (including one accessible space) against the eastern boundary of the site. A large garage door is available on the western boundary of the building which is set back and provides a loading bay for larger vehicles in front. As most physical works will occur internally, the extent and location of the building will not be altered, however the signage on the building that currently advertises Guthrie Bowron will be replaced with Ideal Electrical signage. The Local Board did not have input into this application.
  • 36-38 West End Road, Herne Bay. BUN60329514. The proposal is for alterations and additions to an existing villa on the site, the construction of a duplex unit at the rear and subsequent four-lot subdivision at 36-38 West End Road Herne Bay. The proposal also seeks to establish an esplanade strip at the rear of the site at a reduced width of 15 metres. The proposal infringes a number of standards including maximum height, height in relation to boundary, earthworks, reduction in front yard setback, building coverage, landscaped area, vegetation clearance within a mean high water spring, vehicle crossing off an arterial road, gradient of vehicle access and subdivision requiring a reduction in an esplanade reserve under the AUP (OP). The Local Board requested limited notification to surrounding properties on the basis of the substantial and numerous infringements of the Unitary Plan.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 3.43.39 PM

    Duplex unit rear view, 36-38 West End Road, Herne Bay (credit: Plans, Creative Arch Ltd.)

  • 5 Crowhurst Street, Newmarket. LUC60329579. Demolish existing building. Remove demolished material from site.
  • 92-96 Albert Street, Auckland Central. Consent variation plus new land use consent to convert existing building for hotel use.
  • 60 Sarsfield Street, Herne Bay. R/LUC/2017/1623, LUC60114037. Demolition/Removal of existing dwelling and construction of new dwelling on site.
  • 11 Grattan Place, Freemans Bay. LUC60330371. Additions and alterations to a dwelling involving infringement of the height in relation to boundary and side yard standards.
  • 4/27 Windsor Street, Parnell. LUC60330949. Application to construct a new four-storey dwelling on a vacant site. The site is subject to instability and the land has been identified as potentially contaminated. The proposal includes 70% impervious coverage and no stormwater mitigation has been offered. This is also in breach of a consent notice that was issued in 2010. Infringements relating to access/parking have not been identified.
  • 14 McColl Street, Newmarket. LUC60331805. Proposed 8 storey apartment building at 14 McColl St, Newmarket, Auckland 1023 with 23 units ground floor parking at rear, and lobby/shop at front.
  • 54 Vermont Street, Ponsonby. LUC60332044. This resource consent application relates to a proposal to undertake a two-storey extension to an existing residential dwelling and to use the extension as a minor household unit on the southwest corner of the dwelling.
  • 40-42 Liverpool Street, Auckland Central. SUB60332041. The proposal involves a leasehold subdivision around an approved development which involves the construction of an apartment buildings comprising a total of 92 residential units on leasehold land. R/LUC/2012/2415  granted approval for the construction of  92 residential units and associated carparks on 29thJanuary 2013 with subsequent variation LUC2012/2415/1 granted on 7thApril 2017. The construction of the units is currently in progress. This proposal seeks resource consent approval for the creation of individual leases for each residential unit so that they can be leased out to individual owners. The terms of lease will expire in 2086.
  • 3 Ring Terrace, Ponsonby. LUC60332467. Works to construct a new 2.5 m high retaining wall along the eastern boundary of the site, to replace the existing retaining wall and stabilise the site following landslips that have occurred within the site. The applicant proposes to remove an existing 1.5 m high timber retaining wall along the property’s eastern boundary, and replace it with a new 2.5 m high timber pole and lagging retaining wall in generally the same location, to stabilise the site following landslips.  The increased height will allow the new wall to act as a buttress for the mid-slope wall.  The timber poles will extend up to 5 m below ground level. The new wall will be stained black to match the existing retaining walls on the site, and a 1 m high handrail/fence will be erected along the top of the new wall, to prevent falls. Other works associated with remediation of the site includes the construction of a 0.9 m high retaining wall along a section of the southern boundary, and underpinning of a deck pile at the south-eastern corner of the dwelling. In order to obtain the necessary access to the existing wall, and to facilitate construction of the replacement wall, the applicant proposes to remove an existing tree located within the park site, very close to the property boundary.  This tree is a Puriri and is approximately 7 metres high.  Approval from Auckland Council has been obtained for these works.  The applicant proposes to plant a replacement sapling, of a species and at a location in Point Erin Park agreed between the applicant and Auckland Council. In addition, some trimming of branches of the existing pōhutukawa tree within the adjoining property at 7 Ring Terrace are likely to be required.  The applicant is currently discussing options for trimming this tree with the owner of 7 Ring Terrace.
  • 153 Garnet Road, Westmere. LUC60333112, SUB60333113. The applicant seeks land use consent to construct a new dwelling to the rear of the existing dwelling the subject site, involving the removal (and replacement) of one Willow Myrtle (Agonis flexuosa) street tree and relocation of street light, followed by a 2-lot subdivision around the approved development at 153 Garnet Road.
  • 12 Cremorne Street, Herne Bay. Construct a travellator and associated infrastructure and small building to enable access to an existing boat shed from the adjacent site.
  • 28 Ayr Street, Parnell. TRE60333040. Remove and Prune of Japanese Cedar, Monkey apple and Australian Gum tree. Regarding the application to remove trees from an SEA, this will almost certainly be considered from both an Ecological and Arboricultural perspective. Currently it is on hold  – Pending significantly more information than was originally provided.
  • 299 Queen Street, Auckland Central. LUC60333892. A container bar/cafe to be placed in Aotea Square on a long-term basis to provide for the day-to-day activation of the square and support the square as a civic space within the City Centre.
  • 15A Ayr Street, Parnell. LUC60334577. New dwelling in SCA. Earthworks and landscaping.
  • 94 Beresford Street West, Freemans Bay. LUC60334874. Addition of a clerestory to the lean-to at the rear of the dwelling, clerestory replaces existing skylight to resolve water management issues.
  • 35 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn. LUC60334955. Removal of dwelling and replaced with one building, containing 4 apartments.

Significant Resource Consent Matters

ASB Tennis Stadium Redevelopment

1 Tennis Lane, Grafton LUC60118678-A. Application for amendments to the proposed redevelopment of the ASB Tennis Centre in Grafton. This is a variation to the resource consent R-LUC-2015-4426 and includes design changes to the front façade of the stadium.

Orams Marine

142-148 Beaumont Street, Auckland Central. CST60330466, DIS60330467, LUC60330465, WAT60330468. The redevelopment and extension of the existing Orams  Marine Village and servicing facilities, including the demolition of three existing buildings, erection of new buildings up to 25.45m in height, installation of 3 new travel lift piers for the operation two new travel lifts, installation of a washwater and stormwater collection and treatment network for the treatment of washwater and stormwater prior to discharger to the CMA, sea wall rehabilitation.

Greys Avenue Housing New Zealand Re-Development

139 Greys Avenue, Auckland Central. BUN60330582

The application involves the redevelopment of the site for the construction of three integrated apartment buildings ranging in height from 11 to 13 storeys, with two levels of basement to provide for 276 residential units and 48 parking spaces and one loading area, with associated earthworks and landscaping.  I have attached the AEE and the plans. There are a number of other specialists report which I am happy to send through should they be required.

D13 Overlays – Notable Trees Overlay

Under Activity Table D13.4.1 (A6 and A9) any works within the protected root zone or to the canopy of the London Plane Trees requires consent as a restricted discretionary activity. The proposal seeks consent to undertaken works within the rootzone and to prune the canopy to construct the building, install services and install the new crossing and reinstate the existing crossing.

E7 Auckland Wide – Taking, Using, Damming and Diversion of Water and Drilling

Under Activity Table E7.4.1– (A20) – requires that dewatering or groundwater level control associated with a groundwater diversion authorised as a restricted discretionary activity under the Unitary Plan, not meeting permitted activity standards or is not otherwise listed, shall be considered as a restricted discretionary activity

Under Activity Table E7.4.1 (A28) the excavations to create the basement car park will result in the diversion of groundwater which does not meet the permitted activity standards given:

The depth of excavation will exceed 6m in depth from ‘natural ground level’ (10.6m maximum) and parts of the wider excavation area may extend below natural ground water level;

The wider excavation site to form the basement level falls within 10m from a scheduled Historic Heritage Overlay; This requires consent as a Restricted Discretionary Activity.

E11 Auckland Wide – Land Disturbance (Regional)

Under Table E11.4.1 (A8) undertaking earthworks over 2,500m2 where the land has a slope equal to or greater than 10 degrees requires consent within a Business – City Centre zone. The proposal necessitates earthworks of 3,186m2 and 12,700m3 on a site which has a slope of 12 degrees to construct the basement parking level, building platforms and associated works. This requires consent as a Restricted Discretionary Activity.

E12 Auckland Wide – Land Disturbance (District)

Under Table E12.4.1 (A6) and (A10) undertaking earthworks over 2,500m2 and 2,500m3 requires consent within a Business – City Centre Zone. The proposal necessitates 3,186m2 and 12,700m3 on site of earthworks to construct the basement parking level, building platforms and associated works. This requires consent as a Restricted Discretionary Activity.

E17 Auckland Wide – Trees in Roads

Under Activity Table E17.4.1 (A6) and (A8) any works within the protected root zone or to the canopy of the London Plane street trees which do not comply with Standard E17.6.1 or E17.6.3 requires consent as a restricted discretionary activity. The proposal seeks consent to undertaken works within the rootzone and prune the canopy to construct the building, install services and install the new crossing and reinstate the existing crossing.

E25 Auckland Wide – Noise and Vibration

Under Activity Table E25.4.1 (A2) any activities that do not meet the permitted activity standards requires consent as a restricted discretionary activity. The proposal would not meet the following standards:

The internal noise of the units would not achieve all the levels identified within Table E25.6.10 nor meet the full requirements of E25.6.10(3).

E27 Auckland Wide – Transport

Under Table E27.4.1 (A2) parking, loading and access which is an accessory activity and does not comply with the standards for parking, loading and access requires consent as a Restricted Discretionary Activity. The following standards are not achieved:

Standard E27.6.2(8) requires two loading spaces given site has a total GFA of 22,804m2. However, only one dedicated loading zone is proposed.

Standard E27.6.3.1(a) requires minimum car parking manoeuvring dimensions that are not achieved for all of the proposed parking spaces.

Standard E27.6.4.2(2) and Table E27. requires a maximum crossing width of 6.0m at the site boundary. The proposed crossing will be 6.75m on the site boundary.

Standard E27.6.4.1 (3) (Gradient of Vehicle Access) requires that an onsite transition platform of 1 in 20 for a minimum length of 4m is provided at the site boundary. The proposal only seeks to provide a 1 in 28 platform for the first 3.5m with the remaining 0.5m being 1 in 8.

E36 – Natural Hazards

Under Table E36.4.1(41) the diverting of the entry or exit point of an Overland Flow Path requires consent as a Restricted Discretionary Activity. The proposed development diverts the entry point to the north west corner.

H8 Business – City Centre Zone

Under Activity Table H8.4.1 (A32) the construction of new buildings on site will require consent as a restricted discretionary consent.

Under Activity Table H8.4.1 (A40) the construction of a building that does not comply with Standard H8.6.3 admission of sunlight to public places being Myers Park is a non-complying activity.

Standard H8.6.22(1) (Building in Relation to Boundary) states that a building located on a site identified by Map H8.11.7 must comply with the indicators in Appendix 10 of the AUP (OP). The proposed building is not able to achieve this in respect of the shared northern boundary for portions of the balconies and building as shown on drawing 110 Rev L. Under C1.9(2) this requires consent as a restricted discretionary activity.

Standard H8.6.23 (2) (Streetscape Improvement and Landscaping) states that for sites identified on Figure H8.6.23.1 at least 30% of the net site areas must be landscaped. The proposed redevelopment will provide 25% as landscaped area so under C1.9(2) this requires consent as a restricted discretionary activity.

Standard H8.6.27(1) (Minimum Floor to Floor Height) states that the ground floor of a new buildings must have a minimum finished floor to floor height of 4.5m for a minimum depth of 10m where it adjoins a street. This is not achieved for certain parts of the ground floor being Retail Unit 1 within Building A and Commercial Unit 2 within Building B. Under C1.9(2) this requires consent as a restricted discretionary activity.

Standard H8.6.32(3) and (5) (Outlook Space) states that an outlook space of minimum dimensions must be provided from the face of each building containing windows to principal living areas of bedrooms of a dwelling. The direction of the outlook space must meet H8.6.32(5). The standard is not achieved for parts of Building A and B. Under C1.9(2) this requires consent as a restricted discretionary activity.

Watercare construction of Grey Lynn Tunnel Wastewater Interceptor

WAT60334954. LUC60334953. Watercare is proposing to construct a wastewater interceptor, known as the Grey Lynn Tunnel, from Tawariki Street, Grey Lynn, to Western Springs. The Grey Lynn Tunnel will connect to the existing Tawariki Local Sewer and Orakei Main Sewer. To make these connection s, a drop shaft and connection works are required at the proposed shaft site at 44-48 Tawariki Street, Grey Lynn. A secondary shaft at the site is also proposed to enable further collector sewer connections at a later date. We have been informed that Watercare are limited notifying owners of properties near the above-ground points of the tunnel so we have had no further input.

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