Radio Live Panel: 29 November 2015

radio liveListen to my RadioLive panel with Mark Sainsbury and Bill Ralston. We talk about the Resource Management Act (RMA) reforms that are about to go to Select Committee. The discussion turns to what we should do about the port in Auckland and whether the RMA really is a handbrake on economic development and housing development in New Zealand.

Labour leader, Andrew Little, and Phil Goff went to Australia to petition the Government on the recent detention of New Zealanders for minor criminal offences. Was this just grandstanding or is there a valid case to answer?

Are there lessons for Bill English in the Autumn address of George Osbourne in the UK?

We reflect on the rise and rise of Donald Trump. Establishment conservatives have even gone so far as to brand him a fascist; is this just hyperbole or a valid thesis?

Now that the flag referendum voting papers have gone out, we have a talk about how we voted (we both did) even though we are all underwhelmed by the choices available.

About Vernon Tava

Barrister. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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