Radio Live Panel: 25 October 2015

radio liveListen to my RadioLive panel with Mark Sainsbury and Matthew Hooton. We talked about the annual round of scrutiny of MPs’ expenses. These tend to be a bit of a beat up but we are more critical of the former-MPs and their spouses’ subsidised travel.

The flag referendum looks like it’ll confirm the status quo based on latest polling. Which leads us into the sometimes vicious world of ‘the twitterati’ and whether they are as influential as they think they are.

Paula Bennett has said that Housing New Zealand tenants should have one option of refusal on a house after which they will be dropped from the waiting list. We’re sceptical.

We reflect on the Trudeau clan after Justin Trudeau’s win in the recent Canadian elections and our own Prime Minister’s oversharing, this time on Radio Hauraki’s morning show.

Strong views are exchanged on the recent stoush between Matthew and Jacinda Ardern. Matthew’s views are much stronger than mine but we both question the quality of the debate around whether Jacinda is yet up to being a leadership contender.

About Vernon Tava

Barrister. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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