2021 Update

COVID-19 virus (representation) | attribution: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I have neglected this blog for the last couple of years as COVID-19 and its impacts have occasioned a career change (or, more accurately, reversion), and most of my online energies were directed to an election campaign that was dominated by the spectre of the virus to the extent that the government won the first-ever outright majority in an MMP general election.

Since my last post in 2019 I’ve registered a political party, Sustainable New Zealand, and led it through the 2020 general election. More on that in a future post.

I have been happy to get back into legal practice as a barrister specialising in criminal defence. This is hugely fulfilling work in which I have the opportunity to help people every day. I’d really missed this type of work having had the experience of being a solicitor at the Grey Lynn Neighbourhood Law Office/Auckland Community Law Centre from 2013-2016.

Immediately following the 2020 general election I closed all my social media accounts except for LinkedIn and instagram so I’ll be updating the blog on a somewhat more regular basis from now on with a focus less on politics and more on legal issues and their broader relevance.

About Vernon Tava

Barrister. Founder of the Sustainable New Zealand Party. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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