Policy Outline for the Sustainable New Zealand Party


Policy Outline

This outline is intended to provide a broad outline of the party’s position on significant issues to guide our policy development process and help supporters to decide if this is a party they want to join.

We are the environment party

  • Our vision is a clean, green New Zealand.
  • Our mission is to promote sustainable, prosperous communities.
  • The challenges we face are urgent and the environment can’t wait. We will make a real difference by 2021, one that can be sustained.

Our top 3 priorities

  1. Our number one priority is clean, safe water that supports life.
  2. We will do everything possible to save our native species from extinction.
  3. We will reduce waste and make more efficient use of natural resources.

Clean, Safe Water

  • We will clean up the freshwater and marine environments.
  • We will release a proposal to coordinate the 67 councils, 20 district health boards and several government departments that manage water.
  • We will set and enforce tough standards for drinking water, stormwater and wastewater.

No More Extinctions

  • We will fully implement the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy and the National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity.
  • We will fund initiatives for community groups and farmers to control introduced predator species, protect waterways and set aside land for habitat.

Reducing Waste

  • We will rigorously apply the provisions of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.
  • We will introduce mandatory product stewardship with an 85% plus recovery standard.
  • We will apply a comprehensive landfill levy shifting the cost from ratepayers to waste producers.

Sustainable Fisheries

  • We will ensure that fisheries are managed so that they are sustainable for sport and recreational fishers and are not competing with commercial fishing.
  • We will put cameras on commercial fishing vessels and expand our marine protected areas.
  • We will invest in our navy and air force to defend our Exclusive Economic Zone and protect our oceans, including the Ross Sea. This will also increase our disaster response capacity domestically and across the Pacific.

Animal Welfare

  • We will establish a role at Parliamentary level to substantially raise animal welfare standards and coordinate the relevant agencies to do so.
  • We will make micro-chipping of cats compulsory so that people don’t lose their pets and to help control un-owned cats.
  • We will fund scientific research into new predator species control methods, including gene editing technologies.

Climate Change

  • We will work to establish a bipartisan approach to dealing with Climate Change.
  • We support the approach of the Zero Carbon bill. We will establish a Climate Change Commission and follow their advice to reduce global emissions, including putting a fair price on carbon.
  • We will stop the use of coal.

 Reducing Emissions

  • We will work to double the amount of renewable electricity generated before 2050.
  • We will introduce variable congestion charges for private transport in urban areas.
  • We will work with farmers to make New Zealand the world-leader in sustainable farm management.
  • We will offset methane and nitrous oxide emissions through forestry.
  • We will incentivise low-emission forms of transport.


  • We will protect fertile and versatile soils and wetlands from development.
  • We will stop new housing development in flood-prone areas.
  • We will focus on better integrating transport and urban planning decisions so that transport serves living spaces and not the other way around.
  • We will work with expert groups to reform the Resource Management Act for a simpler set of enforceable rules.

Sustainable Economy

  • We will work to transition the economy to be more sustainable both financially and environmentally.
  • We will develop and promote the New Zealand brand, based on enterprise, innovation and technological expertise, through the country’s high-quality international networks.
  • We will make New Zealand a place where talent wants to live by making New Zealand a world leader in science and technology education and by accelerating the application of science to business innovation.
  • We will provide appropriate incentives to increase investment opportunities for new ventures and focus government support on high-productivity export industries.
  • We will tax ‘bads’ like pollution, waste and over-consumption to take the pressure off ‘goods’ like income, savings and profits.

Sustainable Communities

  • Our approach to social sustainability will be on the basis of problem identification and evidence-based solutions rather than an ideological approach.
  • We will advocate for the implementation of the recommendations of the 2018 Government Inquiry into mental health and addiction, and of the Glenn Inquiry into family violence.
  • We will increase support to foster carers and young adults leaving care.
  • We will advocate for the option of long-term, secure tenancies for renters.
  • We will develop a sustainable funding approach to support elder New Zealanders in their retirement.
  • Child Poverty:
  1. All children deserve the best possible start in life. The first five years of life are crucial and policy, especially as it relates to the provision of medical care, will be focused particularly on these years.
  2. We will increase community housing for families with an option of shared equity ownership.
  3. We will automatically link the Working for Families Tax Credit to the Consumer Price Index.
  4. We will replace the In-Work Tax Credit with the Family Tax Credit.

About Vernon Tava

Barrister. Founder of the Sustainable New Zealand Party. Lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
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